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My Language Coaching Story

"My name is Luca Lampariello, and I ​can help you learn any foreign language."

Hit a language learning wall?

You’re having a hard time learning a language, or you haven’t even started yet.
Or maybe you're confused and overwhelmed by the hundreds of online tools and resources available for language learning.

​No worries, I'm here to help! 

Book a language coaching lesson with me, and you'll learn a language more effectively than ever before!


​Luca taught me several learning methods that made my study time much more efficient. More importantly, he provided a clear path that allowed me to reach my language goals.  Although I have used some wonderful tutors over the years, taking control of my own learning destiny has been critical to moving forward at a faster speed.

​Sergio Murer

​Learning Italian

​Contacting Luca was the best decision I've made in a long time! If what you want is to develop a method based on your abilities, your likes, and your time, then I highly recommend it! Luca is passionate about teaching, super patient, attentive and available. It is a real pleasure and privilege to have such a language coach.


​Learning Russian

​Working with Luca has been an amazing and inspiring experience that has revitalized my interest in and passion for languages.

My Italian and German are relatively advanced, and Luca has helped me develop my fluency and enrich my command of advanced vocabulary and structures. I had never spoken Spanish before I started working with Luca, and I have made amazing progress in a very short amount of time.

​Joe Conlon

​Learning Italian, German, and Spanish

My Assets & Coaching Experience

I've learned 13 languages over two decades, and I begin new languages every year.​

​I've coached hundreds of happy students since 2010.

I work hard to connect with my students, and give them the confidence to learn and succeed.

My technical background in engineering has allowed me to develop a procedural and scientific approach to the learning process.

Do You Want To...

  • MEMORIZE new vocabulary quickly and never forget it?
  • SPEAK with a native-like pronunciation and intonation?
  • USE your target language with confidence and organize your schedule to fit your lifestyle?

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