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My Mission

To give you the tools to learn languages as efficiently as possible, and to guide you along the way.

My name’s Luca Lampariello,  and I speak 13 languages, including:

Italian, English, French, Spanish, German, Dutch, Swedish, Russian, Portuguese, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese and Polish. 

At the moment, I'm studying Hungarian and perfecting my Polish.

I’m the founder of Lampariello Language Coaching and the (now defunct) blog The  Polyglot Dream. I'm also the co-founder of the language course platform LinguaCore.

I currently live in Rome and I spend my days working as a language coach,  traveling across the world, giving lectures at conventions, and making videos for my YouTube channel.

"​Languages cannot be taught. They can only be learned."

My Language Journey

I started learning English in school, at the age of thirteen.

​The subject fascinated me. I was obsessed with the possibility of sounding like a native speaker of American English, just like the ones I saw in movies.

Despite this, I did not do well in English at school. At least, not at the beginning.

My teachers wanted me to learn English from textbooks. I wanted to learn from people, and novels, and ​films, and all the interesting things that drew me to the language.

​To improve my English (and later my French), I decided to take matters into my own hands, and develop my own language learning strategies from home.

In a few short years, I managed to greatly improve my English and French skills. I had even managed to outpace classmates who I had formerly lagged behind.

People started to make fun of me. Being European, it was considered the norm to learn British English, rather than the American dialect. With my newly-developed American accent, I stood out like a sore thumb.

It hurt, but I didn't care. My passion to sound like an American was more important to me than following the opinions of the crowd. So I persevered.

I began learning German, next.

​The methods I had developed years earlier were helpful, but far from perfect. I needed to research, and experiment more.

Eventually, my efforts led to the development of my signature language learning method, known as ​Bidirectional Translation​.

Since then, this method, which relies on heavy use of bilingual text and audio material in the target language, has helped me learn nearly a dozen more languages. The very same method led to a new, life-changing career choice: language coaching!

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