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BDT course

Bidirectional Translation method

Begin Learning The SMART Way


Build your confidence like never before!


Discover amazing strategies to learn any language effectively!

Make language learning work for you and your schedule!

How can I go from language ZERO to language HERO?


First of all, can I even learn a foreign language?


Everyone can learn a language and it’s all about how you learn.  


I’m so confused about which materials to choose!


You’ll discover a simple strategy to choose one resource that will help you get started.


I’ve tried cramming words, but nothing seems to stick!


It’s time to encounter an alternative and incredibly effective way to learn vocabulary! 


The grammar of my target language is so difficult, I’m lost in a grammatical abyss!


You’ll see how we should learn grammar from language and not the other way around. 


How in the world do I pronounce half of these words!?

You’ll get a phonetic breakdown of how to learn pronunciation for any language. 


I start and stop, then start again and stop again! Urgh!

You’ll learn how to structure your learning so that it becomes a sustainable and enjoyable lifelong habit!

Get SMART  with your language learning and you will:

Learn How to Build a Rock-solid Foundation

With appropriate, simple and effective strategies, you will be able to get a solid foundation in any language. Choose active engagement and effective learning rather than passive and inefficient practices. 

Learn How Being Selective Means Being Effective

You will learn how to choose what’s right for you by selecting specific, enjoyable and time efficient learning materials. Avoid the paradox of choice and the overwhelm that comes from it. Less is more. 

Learn Vocabulary Without Frying Your Brain

The Bi-Directional Translation method is Luca’s secret weapon to acquire vocabulary in a natural manner. It’s a simple 6-step process that allows you to pick up on words, phrases and sentences without relying on memorization.

Learn Grammar From Language 

As famed Hungarian polyglot Lomb Kató used to say “You learn grammar from language and not language from grammar.” You will discover how to leverage this principle to absorb the grammar of any language through brief grammar notes. 

Master Pronunciation From the Initiation

You’ll learn how to create a bond between written and spoken language, skillfully dissecting the sound structure of any language via the Phonetic Analysis Technique.

Learn How to Maintain Your Motivation

Get motivated by taking action. You need a schedule and the ability to stick to it in order to be successful. Consistency and persistence will be your biggest assistants in going the distance.


The course is designed to help you get a firm grasp of Luca's Bidirectional Translation method, tailor it to your own needs, and apply it to any language you wish to learn.


Detailed videos with slides and missions


PDFs with detailed instructions and challenges


Video demonstrations of key methods and techniques


All the videos come with subtitles in English, Italian, French, Spanish and Russian


Full transcripts in English

Concise summaries


The BMLL online course is an excellent introduction into the world of independent language learning. Not only do you learn a fantastic and comprehensible method to start learning a new language with, but you also learn about the principles of effective learning that make the journey to fluency much more graspable and timely. I am so glad to say that, thanks to this course, I now know exactly what to do when I begin learning new languages in the future.


I joined this course to learn better language-learning techniques, and here I learned superior techniques! For pronunciation, accents, how to learn new vocabulary and expressions, how to stay motivated, how to approach my beginning lessons, and much more—each skill was raised, very enjoyably, to the level of a master

Dorée, USA

This course provides a clear path forward for your language learning dreams - they become reality. Luca and the Team give you all the tools, knowledge and support necessary and provide OUTSTANDING ongoing support throughout. In additon to the solid language learning toolkit, you dig deep into the psychology of language learning including habit formation, motivation, discipline etc  which applies to everything.
This  course is more than language learning! Bravo Luca and Team!!

Michael, UK

IIn Luca's course I didn't only learn how to learn a language. I also learned how to focus, to make learning happen every day and how to make consistent progress. True skills for life.

Jens, Germany

Luca's systematic and methodical approach worked wonders for me. As a result of taking this course, I've created a solid learning routine for multiple languages. I also added lots of tools and resources to learn new languages from scratch in better and more effective ways.

Walter, Argentina

Luca's course really helped me break down the language learning process and mindset. He is an enthusiastic and knowledgeable teacher. I am very excited to continue my language learning journey with renewed enthusiasm after taking Luca's course.


Structure of the course


We will welcome you to the course, and give you everything you need to get started. We'll also give you an in-depth look at exactly how the Bidirectional Translation was born.


You'll learn the five key principles which support and sustain any effective language learning method, with detailed examples to illustrate each one.


You'll learn about the importance of starting any new language with the right resource. Then, we'll lead you through exactly how you can identify and obtain the exact resource which is right for you and your needs.


You'll begin learning about the six key activities that comprise the Bidirectional Translation Method. Module 4 starts things off by examining the Intensive Analysis, which is a powerful reading-and-listening activity you can use to gain a thorough grasp of any bilingual text, even as a complete beginner.


You'll discover how to perform a Phonetic Analysis, which is a sequence of activities that will help you breakdown target language speech into its phonetic elements. It is through this activity that you'll cultivate an authentic pronunciation and intonation in your target language, right from the start.

↩️ Module 6: SMART REVIEW

You'll learn a new, powerful way to review the language knowledge you've already gained. Gone are the days of boring, rote memorization. Here, in Module 6, you'll learn all about Smart Review, which will make reviewing any language material both interesting and challenging.


You'll start to uncover the first key translation of the two-part bidirectional translation process. This involves the Direct Translation, which is where you'll translate target language texts into your native language. Completing this step with any text will help ensure that you've gained a full understanding of the material.


In this module, you'll begin to test your memory of what you've learned so far by completing the first of two types of Reverse Translation. Here, you'll attempt to translate your native-language version of a text back into your target language, and do it verbally.


You'll complete the second part of the Reverse Translation, by translating your native-language version of a text back into its original language, and doing it in writing.


You'll consolidate everything you've learned so far about the six key activities of the Bidirectional Translation, and use that knowledge to develop a language learning routine that will last for the next three months.

💪 Module 11: AFTER THE BDT

In this last module, we'll cover what you should expect once you've applied the Bidirectional Translation to one language and one resource for three whole months, and what you can do to take your language learning to the next level from there.


Circle Community, Sample Dialogues, In-depth real life demos, Exclusive PDF and excel spreadsheets of the BDT method, an Exclusive Pronunciation Guide

Hi! My name is Luca Lampariello

I’m the founder of the Smart Language Learning Academy

I currently know 15 languages, 10 of which I speak at a fluent level

I've developed and refined a series of language learning methods to help language learners reach fluency in a more efficient, adaptable and enjoyable manner!

Since 2008, I've helped hundreds of thousands of viewers on their paths to becoming fluent via my YouTube channel that has nearly 250K subscribers

I’ve also spent the last 12 years working independently as a language coach and building courses on how to learn foreign languages

In fact, I’ve made it my life’s mission to not only learn as many languages as I possibly can, but to also help people achieve their language learning goals. People like you!

Polyglot Testimonials

"Luca was one of my first polyglot inspirations when I started exploring the language community. I’m constantly taken aback by his fluency, motivation and passion for languages. 

He’s a ray of sunshine in the community, always ready with help and guidance."

Lindie Botes


I've always had a lot of respect for Luca. 

He's truly a master at his craft and personally inspires me to be the best polyglot I can be.

Ikenna Obi

Fluency Made Easy

Luca is one of the first online language learners whom I found to be the real deal. He doesn't just say that he can speak the languages he speaks, he shows us.

What's more, he shows us that it can be hard and where it can go wrong, but that it's worthwhile to just keep on with language learning.


Days of French 'n' Swedish

Bonus #1

Circle Community

Join a wonderfully supportive, vulnerable and fun-loving online community that’s going to laugh, cry and live the language learning journey with you! 

Bonus #2

Sample Dialogues 

You’ll receive complementary PDFs and MP3s in 10 different languages: Dutch, French, German, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Polish, Russian and Spanish

Bonus #3

In-Depth Real Life Demos 

You will get an exclusive peek into how hyperpolyglot Luca Lampariello uses the BDT method in real life and applies it to one specific resource (and a specific language). 

Bonus #4

Exclusive PDF and excel spreadsheets 

Learning should always happen at one’s own pace. The method comes not only with in-depth spreadsheets and PDF’s, but also with possible variations for people who want to experiment with/at a different rhythm/pace.

Bonus #5

Exclusive Pronunciation guide

You will get access to exclusive and concise pronunciation guide of German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese Pitch, Chinese and tonal languages (PDF and audio).

Bonus #6

Exclusive Access to Webinars

You will have access to all of the previous webinars hosted by Luca and the Smart Language Learning Academy. Over 20 hours of additional content!


❓ Who is this course for?

This course is meant for beginners, whether you have some experience or NO EXPERIENCE, you’re in the right place!

❓ How far will this course take me?

The BDT is used to get you through the A1 and A2 phases of language learning. Depending on a number of factors, including time, motivation and energy, the B1 level is achievable by applying the methods taught in this course

❓ Is this course for someone who has NO previous experience with language learning?

Absolutely. This is a straightforward, practical course that is great for both inexperienced and experienced language learners.

❓ I already have some experience, can I still take this course?

Yes, as you’ll learn new methods to help you develop your language learning mindset, skill set and self-organization.  However, the ideal individual for the BDT should have very little to no experience with learning their target language.

❓ Can I study at my own pace?

Of course! This course is meant to fit your schedule. Take it at your own pace and enjoy the process!

❓ How long will it take me to complete the course?

That varies on a person-by-person basis, but it features 11 modules that will cover an average person’s first 3-9 months of language learning.

❓ Can I take this at the same time as the course for intermediate learners (Overcoming the Intermediate      Plateau Course or OIP)?

No, the BDT is meant for beginners and the OIP is meant for intermediate learners.  The OIP features more advanced techniques for learners looking to go beyond the B1 level.

❓ How long will it have access to the course?

You will have lifetime access to the course.

❓ Where is this course going to take me? Is this course going to take me to B1?

Reaching a B1 level depends on a number of factors such as time on task, motivation, and language experience, so there is not an unequivocal answer. However, this course is going to make you an independent learner who will be able to learn any language efficiently and enjoyably over a long period of time. Under these circumstances, with new tools and a shift in mindset, success in learning any language to fluency is inevitable.

❓ Will I be able to interact with Luca directly?

Yes. Luca (and his team) will be available on our online course community at Circle.so. Once you enroll in the course, you will also gain access to this community. There, you'll be able to ask questions and start discussions with Luca and the team, as well as all of the other enrolled students.

❓ I don't speak English very well, can I still take the course?

Yes, even if you don't speak English well, you can use the subtitles and you can even copy and translate the transcripts in English into your own native language with tools such as DeepL or Google Translate

All of our courses come with a 14-day guaranteed refund from the date of purchase.

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Don’t waste another second of your day

Get started on learning your target language the SMART way!


video course

Bidirectional Translation method

Get started on learning your target language the SMART way!


Bonus #1 - Access to Our Community of Learners


Bonus #2 - Sample Dialogues and PDFs in 10 Languages


Bonus #3 - In-depth Real Life Demos


Bonus #4 - Customizable PDF and Excel Spreadsheets



Bonus #5 - Exclusive Pronunciation guide

Bonus #6 - Exclusive Access to Webinars

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