Are You Making These Pronunciation Mistakes in Italian?

 Gnocchi. Bruschetta. Ghepardo. Cena. Gerundio. Figlio. Psicologo. Bruschetta. These eight words reveal an uncomfortable truth about the Italian language: though Italian is often pronounced exactly as it is written, that isn’t always the case.  There are a few exceptions that, if you’re not careful, can trip you up and make your speech sound unnatural—or worse, unintelligible! Fortunately, the mistakes caused by these rogue sounds and […]

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Why You Should Take a Language Proficiency Test

I have a question for you:  How good are you at your target language? Do you know? Beyond vague assessments like “I’m conversational” or “I can understand most of what I hear”, do you have a real sense of your foreign language skills? Most people don’t, and that’s okay. Often, knowing that you can use the language “well […]

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