Native accent in language learning – 1/3

Pronunciation and accent form an interest area for study and debate amongst language enthusiasts. Speaking like a native in a foreign language is what many want and few achieve, but: Is it an effort worth making? Is it achievable for everyone? Should we simply be happy with an clear pronunciation and sufficient vocabulary and grammar […]

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The 3 stages of language-learning evolution

There are two keys factors that influence language learning: Time Method Acquiring a language takes time and a flexible learning method. Flexibility at the various stages of your language acquisition is essential to developing a solid “linguistic core”. My method enables your brain to acquire effectively the language in a progressive manner over time. Language […]

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An easy way to learn foreign languages

Listening and reading have made up the bread and butter of my language learning since I was 13.  My highly effective language learning method has developed from that. The method is simple.  I study every day (1 – 2 hours max).  Shortcuts sound sexy and give you a short-term buzz, but the effects fade away quickly.  My method […]

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