Tips on learning – Chinese characters

Since it is a language that does not have a strict phonetic alphabet, Chinese scares many students due to its particularly challenging writing system. Chinese characters (汉字hanzi or “Han characters”) are more properly known as logograms, where each symbol represents a morpheme (or a meaningful language unit), and are mainly used to write Chinese, and […]

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Native accent in language learning – 3/3 – An example

A native-like accents requires the speaker to: Pronounce individual words correctly  Observe the rhythm of the language and alter single word pronunciation to fit sentence stress (dynamics of language). An example of phonetic analysis in Italian How do we carry out phonetic analysis?  – Repeated and intense listening  – Reading   – Using special markers […]

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Native accent in language learning – 2/3 – The method

THE METHOD  Single words It is important to proceed step by step. The first step is theoretical. Many language courses provide an overview of phonetics and they usually discuss the following: • Pronunciation of vowels: those that are identical, similar and alien to the language of instruction.  These vowels sounds may be single vowels or […]

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Native accent in language learning – 1/3

Pronunciation and accent form an interest area for study and debate amongst language enthusiasts. Speaking like a native in a foreign language is what many want and few achieve, but: Is it an effort worth making? Is it achievable for everyone? Should we simply be happy with an clear pronunciation and sufficient vocabulary and grammar […]

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The 3 stages of language-learning evolution

There are two keys factors that influence language learning: Time Method Acquiring a language takes time and a flexible learning method. Flexibility at the various stages of your language acquisition is essential to developing a solid “linguistic core”. My method enables your brain to acquire effectively the language in a progressive manner over time. Language […]

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An easy way to learn foreign languages

Listening and reading have made up the bread and butter of my language learning since I was 13.  My highly effective language learning method has developed from that. The method is simple.  I study every day (1 – 2 hours max).  Shortcuts sound sexy and give you a short-term buzz, but the effects fade away quickly.  My method […]

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