How to Learn Grammar Like a Pro Even If You Hate It

After all, that’s just a dream, isn’t it? Forget speaking with perfect pitch and pronunciation, moving from topic to topic, knowing the meaning of every single word, and crafting elaborate sentences one after another. Sure, it would be great, but for the most part, we language learners are simpler souls with simpler dreams. We want to speak a […]

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How to Speak Any Language: 7 Mind-Blowing Tips

Do you want to be good at speaking a foreign language? Of course you do! You wouldn’t be here, otherwise. It’s the number one goal of nearly every language learner. The problem is that many learners go about trying to speak in the wrong way. Or worse, they don’t actually try to speak at all. The hard truth […]

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10 Winning Steps for The Ultimate Language Learning Plan

When it came to developing the best language learning plan, I used to tell myself: “This is it!” “This is the year!” Have you ever said this to yourself before? That this year, finally, is going to be the year that you make a language learning breakthrough? “I will finally speak Italian fluently”. Or something along the lines of: “I will read […]

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