How to Learn a Language Abroad

Do you need to live in a foreign country to learn its language well? Most people think so. In fact, as soon as people find out I speak multiple languages, they automatically assume that I’ve lived in just as many countries. And that’s not true. Though I have lived in a couple of countries where […]

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How to Learn Languages with Cases

When language learners discuss what makes a language more difficult than another, certain concepts always come to the forefront. Some languages, like Vietnamese, Thai, and most Chinese languages, have a tone system, adding a new layer of difficulty to speaking a language correctly. Other languages, like Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese, have a character-based writing […]

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How to Watch Movies to Improve Your Foreign Languages

Watching movies is a great way to improve your foreign languages Why? That’s simple. Movies are fun, emotional, dynamic, audiovisual, and use authentic language, in nearly any language you want to learn. You can start watching target language movies at any stage in your learning. However, I typically recommend using movies as learning materials at […]

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Intensive vs. Extensive Reading

Reading, despite being one of the four major skills of language learning, is one of the skills that is most often neglected by language learners. Aside from reading the words and phrases that are presented in textbooks, phrasebooks and grammar guides, most learners do not bother to regularly engage in reading native texts in any meaningful […]

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