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How to learn the hardest languages

[youtube][/youtube] “I can’t learn that language. It’s too hard for me” Have you ever had that thought? Have you ever believed a language to be out of your reach, simply because it looked too difficult, or others told you that it was so? I’ve felt that way many times. And unfortunately it was that very […]

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How and why polyglots don’t confuse languages

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″][/youtube] MICHAL: welcome to Poland, we are in Poznan and we have the pleasure and opportunity to speak with 3 great polyglots, can you introduce yourselves please? RICHARD: my name is Richard Simcott and I am from the UK, I have been in Poland now for a month trying to improve my polish […]

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An extraordinary story: Richard Simcott

Making YouTube videos gave me the possibility to come into contact with amazing people. One of these is, without a doubt, Richard Simcott. On the 16th October of 2008 the following video came out on YouTube: [youtube=] I was very impressed by Richards language skills and I decided to contact him. He was kind enough […]

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