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How and why polyglots don’t confuse languages

[youtube width=”600″ height=”344″][/youtube] MICHAL: welcome to Poland, we are in Poznan and we have the pleasure and opportunity to speak with 3 great polyglots, can you introduce yourselves please? RICHARD: my name is Richard Simcott and I am from the UK, I have been in Poland now for a month trying to improve my polish […]

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An extraordinary story: Richard Simcott

Making YouTube videos gave me the possibility to come into contact with amazing people. One of these is, without a doubt, Richard Simcott. On the 16th October of 2008 the following video came out on YouTube: [youtube=] I was very impressed by Richards language skills and I decided to contact him. He was kind enough […]

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The 3 stages of language-learning evolution

There are two keys factors that influence language learning: Time Method Acquiring a language takes time and a flexible learning method. Flexibility at the various stages of your language acquisition is essential to developing a solid “linguistic core”. My method enables your brain to acquire effectively the language in a progressive manner over time. Language […]

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