OIP course

Become a master language learner

From Frustration to Fluency!


Reach your true potential by transforming your learning Mindset!


Discover simple, effective and life-changing language learning strategies!

Master your time, concentration and energy so you can learn every day!

From language learner to learner USER!


Can I even reach fluency? I’ve been stuck for what seems like ages! 


Everyone can become fluent and it’s all about mastering how you learn.  


I can’t seem to find the right material for myself. It’s either too boring or too challenging! What do I do!?


You’ll be able to find and even create the perfect materials for you through the simple Goldilocks Principle.


Do you still struggle with understanding native-level materials? 


You’ll discover time-tested strategies to break down and comprehend anything! 


I’ve studied dozens of grammar books, but these concepts just don’t seem to stick with me!


Learn how to speak your target language like a pro with a simple 3-step process.


I tried to speak my target language but I still freeze up  

Learn how to speak your target language like a pro with a simple 3-step process


Burned out and on the edge of calling it quits? 

Learn to focus on habits and systems to make language learning happen every day

What can I get from the OIP?

Master Your Mind and Fluency You Shall Find!

Limiting beliefs lead to limited results. Most language failures are based on your attitude and fixed mentality. Learn how to reframe your mindset in order to conquer a language rather than to cower from it.  

Deepen Your Understanding of Native Level Materials

You’ll learn how to have fun with language learning by personalizing it to meet your needs. Focus on the content you love and more importantly, you’ll learn how to create your own study materials. 

Learn to Use Language Learning Materials Like a Pro!

One size does not fit all, that’s why we teach you a variety of techniques to find an approach that suits your style. Our methods have been refined to allow you to learn languages the SMART way. 

Feel the Language, Feel the Fun!

Throw away those grammar books and stop practicing how to say ¿Dónde está la biblioteca? for the hundredth time! Absorb grammar naturally from exposure to compelling content! 

Speak to Your Heart’s Content!

Most learners stall with small talk and lose sight of the bigger picture. Deliberate speaking practice will teach you how to make a difference in expressing yourself authentically and naturally!

Progress Like You’ve Never Seen Before

You’ll learn how to measure your progress and breakthrough the plateau by following a quarterly plan that’s based on doable, everyday habits rather than vaguely lofty goals!


The course is designed to help you get a firm grasp of Luca's Bidirectional Translation method, tailor it to your own needs, and apply it to any language you wish to learn.


Detailed videos with slides and missions


PDFs with detailed instructions and challenges


Video demonstrations of key methods and techniques


All the videos come with subtitles in English, Italian and French


Full transcripts in English

Concise summaries


Course outline


In this introductory module, you will get a bird's eye view of the structure and content of the course and how to learn from it in an optimal, fun and effective way.


You will learn exactly what the Intermediate Plateau is and why it poses such an obstacle for learners who wish to reach fluency. By utilizing the three essential components of fluency, you’ll assess your current language proficiency; this will help you gauge your progress as you implement the methods taught in the course.


You will be equipped to overcome any obstacle you may encounter on the journey towards fluency. This will be done by transforming your limiting beliefs into liberating truths and connecting emotionally with your target language..


You’ll understand when to learn, what content to learn from (and how to find it), how to practice in the most effective way, and how to prioritize different kinds of practice for both your skill and energy levels.


Learn how to find and organize a near-limitless amount of language content for improving your language skills at an intermediate level. This involves choosing high-quality, authentic resources, and adapting them so that they provide an optimal language learning experience, no matter your current level. 


In this module, you’ll learn a comprehensive, step-by-step process for taking authentic target language podcasts and use them to grow both your listening and reading comprehension skills over time.


In this module, you’ll learn a comprehensive, step-by-step process for building a thorough understanding of target language video content. By deeply analyzing such audiovisual content, you will be able to grow your listening and reading skills, and deepen your knowledge of the target culture as well.


You’ll earn to love reading as a tool for growing a deep and sophisticated vocabulary in your target language. Intensive Reading will help you gain a full understanding of any short text in your target language.


In this module, you’ll learn exactly how our brains go from seeing a piece of information for the first time, to transforming that information into a long-term memory. Your understanding of this three-part process will help to contextualize why many of the memorization techniques in this course are organized the way they are.


Leverage your knowledge of the three phases of effective memorization in order to effectively memorize any piece of target language knowledge for the long-term. In particular, you’ll learn two techniques which will help you better memorize learned content, no matter how busy your schedule might be.


In this module, you’ll learn about a concept known as “Language Activation”. The goal of this concept is to take all of the passive language knowledge you’ve gained through all of the input methods in this course, and steadily “activate” that knowledge so that you’re ready to use it to practice output skills, such as speaking and writing.


Conquer the scariest part of learning a new language—actually using it with real people! To start, you’ll begin by learning the 5 Principles of Smart Speaking, which will turn the process of learning to speak from a frightening obstacle to a fun and fruitful learning experience.


The centerpiece of this module is a powerful, three-part activity known as the Smart Speaking Session. You will learn to have regular short conversations with a native-speaking language tutor and later analyze these conversations for maximal learning and long-term growth. Additionally, you’ll learn seven powerful techniques for getting the most out of your speaking practice, no matter the occasion.


This module focuses on using a disciplined daily writing practice as a means for improving your ability to think and use your target language, with the added time and flexibility that comes with writing your target language, rather than speaking it.


Take everything you’ve learned and transform it into straightforward, well-structured, and fun daily activities! By breaking down your learning schedule into three-month chunks, (which are further broken down into weekly and daily chunks, in turn), you’ll develop a system that works for you and your needs.

Hi! My name is Luca Lampariello

I’m the founder of the Smart Language Learning Academy

I currently know 15 languages, 10 of which I speak at a fluent level

I've developed and refined a series of language learning methods to help language learners reach fluency in a more efficient, adaptable and enjoyable manner!

Since 2008, I've helped hundreds of thousands of viewers on their paths to becoming fluent via my YouTube channel that has nearly 250K subscribers

I’ve also spent the last 12 years working independently as a language coach and building courses on how to learn foreign languages

In fact, I’ve made it my life’s mission to not only learn as many languages as I possibly can, but to also help people achieve their language learning goals. People like you!

Polyglot Testimonials

Is this course for me?

 This course is FOR YOU if

You've been learning your target language for more than three to six months, and no longer feel like you're making progress.

You want to learn new techniques and strategies for learning languages at the intermediate level.

You already have an enjoyable learning routine, but you want to make it even more effective.

You want to engage and interact with other intermediate-level learners.

You're a graduate of our beginner course Become a Master Language Learner, Level 1: The Bidirectional Translation Method. (Note that this is NOT a requirement to take the intermediate-level OIP course)

This course is NOT FOR YOU if

You've never tried to learn a language before.

You’d rather play with language learning mobile apps rather than take serious strides towards your language goals.


You’re looking for a quick and effortless way to magically become fluent.

You're an absolute beginner in your target language (or have only been learning for less than three months).

You are not are a serious learner who is committed to learning for months and years.

You're an experienced language learner who has already reached fluency in one or more languages.

You are looking for a traditional language course that will teach you the ins and outs of one specific target language. For example, this is not a Spanish course. However, you can use what you learn in this course to learn Spanish, along with any other language your heart desires.


Bonus #1: 
A Tribe Attracted to Your Vibe

Join a wonderfully supportive, vulnerable and fun-loving online community that’s going to laugh, cry and live the language learning journey with you! 

Bonus #2: 
A Comprehensive Course Roadmap in 🇮🇹 🇫🇷 🇬🇧

A visual overview of the course that will show how to traverse all the course content in the most effective way possible, and do so while working closely with other members of our Smart Language Learning Academy!

Bonus #3: 
Detailed Breakdowns of Every Technique and Comprehensive Language Learning Toolbox

Each technique taught in the course comes with a concise step-by-step breakdown in PDF format, which you can print and reference whenever you sit down to learn!

Bonus #4: 
In-Depth Video Demonstrations

Get a front-row seat to see exactly how Luca implements each of the major techniques taught in the course!

Bonus #5: 
Comprehensive Resource Vault Featuring 30+ Languages

Looking for the ideal resources for yourself? You’ll be provided with an extensive list of resources and materials in 30+ languages ranging from the beginner level to more advanced materials.

Bonus #6: 
Complementary Material and Detailed FAQs Section for Each Technique

In addition to in-depth video breakdowns, you’ll also have access to the most common questions that our students ask regarding the techniques and how to personally apply them. 


❓ Who is this course for?

This is a course for INTERMEDIATE level language learners. Do not take this course if you’re just starting out or you haven’t begun learning your target language.

❓How long will it take me to finish the course?

This depends entirely on your schedule and level of commitment. If you put in the work every day, it should take you roughly 30 days to complete the entire course. 

❓ Can I study at my own pace?

Of course! This course is meant to be used according to your style, needs and schedule.

❓ What is the Circle Community exactly?

It’s a lively group of online learners who have either taken the course or are taking the course. They share updates, struggles and help one another in this language learning journey. For many of our users, the Circle Community has made the biggest difference. 

❓ What if I’m just not a “good” language learner?

There’s no such thing. Anyone can learn a language with the right mindset, skill set and organization. This course helps address all three of those aspects, showing you that yes, even you, can learn a language!

❓ I already have language learning experience, is this course any different from what I’ve learned so far?

It obviously depends on what you’ve studied and how you’ve learned languages so far, but this is an app-free approach that focuses on the individual skills of listening, reading, speaking and writing. The more experience you have, the more you’ll see how transformative the techniques within this course truly are! 

❓ Do the methods and techniques in this course really work?

Luca Lampariello has trained thousands of students over three decades with these techniques. You can use them to pass official language exams, to begin working professionally or to just enjoy using a language like you never have before. These techniques have stood the test of time and then some!

❓ What is the ideal level for a learner to take this course?

Ideally, you should be comfortable with the basics of your language and ready to move on to more challenging, native-level material. An upper A2 or lower B1 level is the sweet spot for this course. 

❓ What will I be able to do in my target language after this course?

By developing the techniques taught in this course, you’ll be able to read authentic material, running from articles to books. You’ll be able to understand podcasts, movies and TV shows. Finally, you’ll begin speaking and writing with precision and confidence.

❓ Will this course take me to a B2 level?

There are a number of different factors involved in reaching a B2 level, but if you adhere to the principles and methods taught in this course, you will inevitably reach a level of fluency within the B2 level.

❓ How long will it take me to reach fluency?

For the average learner, who has 30 minutes to dedicate to language learning per day, it’s approximately a year long effort to see significant results. However, if you have more time and energy to dedicate to language learning, then expect to see results as quickly as 6 to 9 months.

❓ I don't speak English very well, can I still take the course?

Yes, even with only a basic level of English, you’ll have access to subtitles and a downloadable transcript which you can translate into your native language (via Google translate or Deepl)

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Breakthrough and Stop Stalling


video course

Become a master language learner

Your Path to Fluency is Calling!


Bonus #1 - Access to Our Community of Learners


Bonus #2 - Access to Comprehensive Roadmaps in English, Italian and French


Bonus #3 - Detailed Breakdown of Techniques


Bonus #4 - In-depth Video Demonstrations



Bonus #5 - Extensive Resource Vault with 30+ Languages

Bonus #6 - Complementary Material & Detailed FAQs

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