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About My Coaching Lessons

I offer one-hour-long language coaching sessions via online video chat services like Skype or Google Hangouts.

You may purchase these lessons individually (one lesson at a time) or in packages or five (5) or ten (10) lessons each.

Each lesson or package can be organized around specific language skills or techniques you would like to improve. For more information, please visit the Lesson Packages section below.

Lesson Pricing

​Single lesson

​Quick, personalized help on any topic




  • Your language learning questions, answered
  • ​Downloadable recording of lesson
  • Free email support
TEN-LEsson Package

​A full sequence of lessons for mastering language skills




  • ​Customized, ten-lesson learning sequence
  • ​Supplementary learning tools and resources
  • ​Personalized feedback on all missions & tasks
  • ​Your language learning questions, answered
  • ​Downloadable recordings of all ten lessons
  • ​Free email support

Lesson Packages

I currently offer specialized coaching packages structured around four major language learning topics:

  • Getting started in any language
  • Improving beyond the intermediate level
  • Improving speaking and conversational skills
  • Pronunciation and intonation training.

To learn more about each specialized package, including a lesson-by-lesson breakdown of topics and techniques, click the More Info button beneath each package type listed below.

If you would like to purchase a package on a topic other than the ones listed below, please send me a message. I will be happy to develop a customized package to meet your individual needs.

Choose Your Lesson Package

Getting started in any language

​getting started in any language

From intermediate to advanced package

From intermediate
to advanced

improving your speaking skills package

Improving your
speaking skills

phonetics training package


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