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Start Learning Any Language Today 

Join a Language Revolution & Master Your Target Language With My Personalized Coaching Training

 "I can't take it anymore!"

These are usually the words I receive from students who reach out to me wanting to learn a language faster.

You see, I've worked with hundreds of people over the past 10 years.

And the majority who contact me are frustrated.

They spent many years studying languages at school for nothing. They've wasted tons of time and money on language learning resources.

Only to find themselves still struggling to string together a sentence. Still struggling to be able to understand a native speaker of their target language.

If you're here then I'm assuming you share some of these same struggles.

You get confused trying to memorize grammar rules, remember vocabulary, and utter your first sentences. You don’t know how to learn every day. You get distracted and then you feel too tired to keep going.

Believe it or not, I’ve been there too and to be honest, it sucks.

Now, I want you to take a leap of faith

  • Imagine finally knowing exactly what to do when you sit down to learn a language. 
  • Imagine knowing how to learn grammar, how to remember vocabulary, how to craft sentences. 
  • Imagine taking a trip somewhere and interacting with locals. Laughing, eating, dancing and enjoying life in a different language. 

These would be days of language learning full of joy. 

The great news? You can do it.

You can start making it happen right now.

I have coached people from all corners of the world, and from all walks of life, and after taking just a few coaching sessions, their language learning world has completely changed.

Every single learner has a different story, desire, language goals, circumstances.

But all of them have something in common. They are looking for guidance. They want to overcome the pain and frustration of having all the tools, and not being able to learn.

They want to know what, how and when to do things. 

After 10 years of coaching, I have developed a foolproof system to help every single learner achieve their dreams.

The system has the advantage of being universally effective because it is highly personalized.

Now let me tell you the 3 things that are critically important for you to implement this system and become a strong, independent and confident language learner:

1. Language learning is a personal road

Each individual is different, and has different learning styles. That’s why your learning path is like your brain: it is unique. You need to find out what works for you and what you find enjoyable.

2. Take this journey with a winner mindset

Each and everyone of us has firm beliefs. They are our anchor, but they can also be very heavy balls that chains us to the ground. If you acquire a positive, constructive and focused language learning mindset, you have done half of the work.

3. Tailor your own highly effective methods.

Language learning is a complex skill with a lot of moving parts. You need to learn how to learn all of them at the same time and make them mutually reinforce each other, but you also need to learn in a brain-friendly way. There are no wrong or right methods. There are only methods that work, and methods that don’t.

So here’s my offer to you:

A Highly Personalized Package of 5 Coaching Sessions

During our sessions, you are going to discover all the principles and techniques you need to learn any language.

And the best part is that all these techniques and principles work because they adapt to you, your learning style, time schedule, and desires.

We are going to work together to create a smooth, enjoyable, and thrilling path towards fluency.

After this experience, the way you see language learning will never be the same.

Services Offered

Learn How to Start Any Language from Scratch

You will learn the foundational elements that will make you a highly effective language learner.

You will identify powerful and durable reasons for learning your target language, you will choose the ideal learning resources for your needs and goals, you will learn how to set precise goals and deadlines, and how to manage your time and energy efficiently.

Introduction to the Bidirectional Translation Method

You will learn the principles of Luca’s famed Bidirectional Translation Method.

Built from the ground up to be the most brain-friendly way to acquire the core of any language, Bidirectional Translation is the very same method that Luca used to create a solid and permanent “language core” in 14 languages.

Phonetic Training

You will learn how to effectively train yourself to hear and produce the sounds of your target language in order to acquire a native-like pronunciation, intonation and accent.

After this training, you will never “hear” sounds the same way as before.

Deliberate Speaking Training

You will get rid of all the mental barriers you have towards speaking and you will learn how to find the perfect fit for your conversations, and how to start speaking here and now, no matter your level.

You will learn techniques on how to shift from language study to effective communication, how to get and reuse feedback and recordings, and how to finally speak a language fluently with joy and drive.

Deliberate Writing Training

You will get a complete, thorough and efficient training in how to write emails, academic papers, journals and short stories with a few key principles for effective writing. You will focus on tools and strategies for improving your writing skills in a variety of formal and informal contexts.

Luca will introduce you to “The Seven Simple Guidelines of Effective Writing,” and show you how receiving and integrating “live feedback” can help you quickly improve your written communication.

Deliberate Listening Training

You will get a complete, thorough and efficient training on how to create high-quality listening sessions and accelerate your progress.

Being able to understand a foreign language is a complex skill that can be broken down into smaller and effective activities that create a compound effect.

Passive, active and proactive listening with note-taking, shifting and maintaining your focus on different parts of speech, and so much more!


You will learn how to master grammar without formally learning it.

You will understand the role of implicit and explicit memory, and how to learn any grammar pattern in a friendly and enjoyable way without ever having to do boring drills.

Extensive Reading Strategies

You will learn all about the practice called “extensive reading.”

Through this practice, you will drastically improve your ability to read books, magazines, and other long texts.

Luca will show you how to choose reading material that is interesting and useful to you, and well-suited to your current level.

Special SRS Systems & Strategies

You will learn all about how to break down and save any vocabulary item in any language through the use of a highly-personalized combination of digital and analog devices.

Polyglot Training

You will figure out the secrets of a polyglot mind.

The techniques Luca personally uses not only to learn languages, but how to create a lifestyle of habits and resources which allow you to grow your language arsenal with time, clarity and confidence.

Start Your Coaching Training Today & Master Your Target Language!

Here are the Next Steps

Step 1.

Once you sign up, you'll receive further instructions to schedule your first coaching session and make your target language a priority.

Step 2.

During the first coaching session, we’ll get rid of the limiting beliefs you might have and lay the foundation of the 3 core principles of language learning.

Step 3.

Set new language learning objectives, establish a language learning journal and a clear mission for the next coaching session.

Step 4.

You will receive comprehensive feedback, the MP3 recording of the lesson, and PDF spreadsheets for the training.

Step 5.

We’ll schedule the next coaching session based your availability (normally after 3-4 weeks).


Access to exclusive PDFs & Spreadsheets

Over the course of 10 years, I have been developing and experimenting a series of techniques that cover all areas of language learning, and I have packaged them into highly customizable PDFs and Spreadsheets. All of that will be available to you.


All of my most successful students are those who journal daily on language learning. You will be in constant contact with me through a daily journal in which you will detail what you do every day, you will reflect upon your learning experience, and you can ask me questions that I will reply at the end of each week.

Email Support: You can reach out to me via email for the entire duration of the training and for 2 months after that.

List of Free Resources

I have compiled a list of resources for the 14 languages I speak in order to improve all areas of learning. Upon request, I can also build a list of resources specific for the language you’re learning and based on your level.

Text and Audio Feedback

There is no growth without deliberate practice. In our coaching sessions, I will ask you to perform weekly missions, and you will get detailed feedback on your missions, both in terms of audio or text. You will use that feedback to keep improving and honing your languages skills. This is a tried-and-tested methodology that students love and find very effective, and I love doing it!

I offer a 100% money-back guarantee for your coaching training.

If, after taking one single lesson with me, you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may request a refund for the full package of 5 coaching sessions. Just drop me an email and I'll return your money, no questions asked.