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Your Target Language

in 12 Days!


Unlearn your limiting beliefs and increase your confidence! 


Unleash a set of skills to speak with clarity!

Uncover the best habits to transform yourself in 12 days!

Speak up and let your skills shine!


I’m still at the beginner level, will I ever be able to start speaking? 


As long as you’re not starting from scratch, you can start speaking much faster than you think!


I  know a lot of words, but I struggle to use them when actually speaking!


You will remember words effortlessly by combining them to form simple and personal sentences.


I still translate everything from my native language into my target language and it takes forever, is that normal?


Yes it is, but you’ll learn how to think directly in your target language (and it’s easier than you think).


When I try to speak, I go crazy thinking about the grammar, will this ever stop!?

Grammar won't be a pain anymore when you learn to simplify sentences by focusing on meaningful communication!


I am a perfectionist at heart and if I can’t say it 100% properly, I’m not talking! 

No one ever became a great speaker by avoiding mistakes, it’s time to focus on effective communication rather than perfection!


I’m afraid of looking silly and sounding ridiculous when speaking!

You'll learn the art of self-talk techniques to prepare yourself for conversations with native speakers!

What can I get from SPEAK EASY?

Silence Your Fears

Speaking can feel like a soul-crushing experience, but you’ll learn how to become a confident and concise speaker by following the three pillars of mindset, skill set and self-organization.

Break It Down to Build It Back Up!

To become a wizard with words, you will learn how to break down your target language into manageable chunks.  These chunks will allow you to practice and play with your language’s words and phrases like never before!

From Self-Doubt to Self-Talk

The secret behind the success of so many wonderful public speakers? Before you speak with others, you can drastically improve your speaking skills by speaking with yourself!

Make It Daily to Make it Easy

Speaking as little as a few minutes per day can make a drastic difference over time. You’ll learn how to adjust your learning schedule to squeeze in a little chat with yourself, so that it makes a significant impact!



Interactive videos (stop-the-video and do the exercises on the fly!)


PDFs with detailed instructions and challenges


Video demonstrations of key methods and techniques


All the videos come with subtitles in English, Italian, French, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian and German


Full transcripts (in English) available for each video

Summaries provided for all the course techniques

Course outline

🫡 Day 1 - Get Your Basics Right

As the old saying goes, “Whether you think you can or whether you think you can’t, you’re right.” On day one of the course, we delve into the various reasons why speaking is so difficult and how that impacts your ability to make progress. 

🗣️ Day 2 - From Timid to Confident Speaker

Once we’ve understood why speaking can become so cumbersome, day two focuses on talking back to any limiting beliefs you may have. In this lesson, it’s out with the self-doubt, so we can let in all of that speaking goodness! 

🤓 Day 3 - Build Your SMART Speaking Machine

The third day reveals the importance of quality input: reading and/or listening to content you love. You’ll learn how to balance input to output in order to unleash your inner speaking savant.

↩️ Day 4 - Chunk, Chew and Review

The fourth day gets intense as you’ll take a deep dive into how to chunk language into manageable phrases. You’ll uncover the importance of practicing with bite-sized pieces of language before attempting complete sentences and beyond.

⚙️ Day 5 - Speaking in 1st Gear

Halfway through the course you’ll see the value in slowing down your speech and perfecting your pronunciation. Sometimes we lose sight of the importance of taking a step back in order to make a significant leap forward.

📋 Day 6 - From Expressionless to Expression List!

Have you ever analyzed your own speaking habits? If not, you’re going to see how using your own words and common expressions is one of the best ways to start speaking a foreign language (with style). 

💪 Day 7 - Time to FLEX

The FLEX technique will stretch your speaking capabilities by redefining how you formulate your sentences.  You’ll see how taking one sentence and adjusting one element within it can give you an endless supply of phrases to use in everyday speech. 

🧱 Day 8 - The LEGO Technique

This is the day where your speaking skills will go from good to great. With the LEGO technique, you’ll learn how to become a more eloquent speaker by linking different elements of sentences together. 

🪞 Day 9 - The 1 Minute Self-Talk Technique

In this module you will see the potential of self-talk when it’s done deliberately and consistently. By following a specific system to master self-talk, you’ll see the difference that speaking to yourself can make in mere days! 

🗓️ Day 10 - Create Your Speaking Schedule

You will learn how to build your own ideal schedule to speak your target language every day. Make it easy to “speak easy” by sticking to a predictable and enjoyable routine.

✅ Day 11 - Stick to Your SMART Speaking System

It’s nice to have a plan, but it’s the execution that matters the most. In this module, you’ll figure out how to make your speaking habits stick by anchoring them to your personal habits.

😎 Day 12 - The End is the Beginning

The course concludes with a recap of everything you’ve been taught and how you can expect to take your speaking skills to the next level!


This course has allowed me to start speaking much more consciously and effectively.

The main value for me was learning to break sentences into meaningful units, allowing me to speak much better. Luca's unique approach focuses on natural speech, not just text, which made the technique more effective.

Swami P.

I've followed Luca for years and admire his speaking skills. I've bought all his courses and eagerly await the next ones.

Speak Easy Level I combines motivational content with practical exercises to improve speaking skills step by step.

Now that I've finished the course, the real work begins. I'm applying the Speak Easy method to Hungarian, a language I studied intensively years ago but haven't spoken in a long time.

Daniela F.

Hi! My name is Luca Lampariello

I’m the founder of the Smart Language Learning Academy

I currently know 15 languages, 10 of which I speak at a fluent level

I've developed and refined a series of language learning methods to help language learners reach fluency in a more efficient, adaptable and enjoyable manner!

Since 2008, I've helped hundreds of thousands of viewers on their paths to becoming fluent via my YouTube channel that has nearly 250K subscribers

I’ve also spent the last 12 years working independently as a language coach and building courses on how to learn foreign languages

In fact, I’ve made it my life’s mission to not only learn as many languages as I possibly can, but to also help people achieve their language learning goals. People like you!


Bonus #1:
Safe Space to Speak

Our online community allows you to post audio recordings and videos of yourself, so you can get feedback from Luca, the SLLA instructors and your peers! Need to vent? Looking for support? Our online community is filled with language lovers from all over the globe who want to connect with you. 

Bonus #2: 
Course Map

A comprehensive bird’s eye view of the entire course and each of its individual modules. Use this handy guide as a reference point whenever you want to know what’s coming up or as a refresher for what you already learned.

Bonus #3: 
Breakdowns of Techniques (worksheets)

Each technique taught in the course comes with a concise step-by-step breakdown in PDF format, which you can print, fill out digitally or by hand, and reference whenever you sit down to learn!

Bonus #4: 
In-Depth Video Demonstrations

Learn how to utilize and apply Luca's time-tested methods via easy to follow video examples.

Is this course for me?

 This course is FOR YOU if

You are ready to speak your target language, but have little to no speaking experience

You are at an upper beginner level (~A2) in your target language 

You understand the basics of your target language and now you’d like to express yourself in a clear and confident manner

You want a simple, structured approach to improving your speaking abilities through self-talk techniques

You’ve taken the BDT (Bi-Directional Translation) course and are ready for the next step in your language learning journey (note: this is not a requirement)

This course is NOT FOR YOU if

You’re already comfortable holding a conversation within your target language

You’re at the intermediate or advanced level (B1+) in your target language


You can express yourself, but you make a few grammatical mistakes or have trouble discussing foreign topics

You want to interact with native speakers on a daily basis to improve your speaking techniques

You’re looking for an intensive course with direct feedback from native speakers of your target language. 


❓ Who is this course for?

This course is meant for learners who have a basic understanding of their target language (~A2 level) and are looking to develop their self-speaking skills.  This is not intended for complete beginners.

❓How long will it take me to finish the course?

There are 12 modules meant to be taken over 12 days, but you may work at your own pace to prevent any additional stress. Each technique takes time to master, even if you finish early, you’ll want to go back and review each technique thoroughly. 

❓ What is the Circle Community exactly?

It’s a lively group of online learners who have either taken the course or are taking the course. They share updates, struggles and help one another in this language learning journey. For many of our users, the Circle Community has made the biggest difference. This is not a group via Facebook or any other social media platform.

❓ Will I have to speak in front of someone?

It is not a requirement of the course, but if you want to grow as a speaker, you will have to step out of your comfort zone.  You will have a safe and supportive space to post audio (or video) recordings of your speaking skills. 

❓ I’m above an A2 level, should I take this course?

This course can be helpful for any language learner and it applies to even B1 level learners who have yet to address their speaking skills .  However, if you want something created for intermediate (B1-B2) and advanced (C1-C2) learners, those courses will be released in the future (Speak Easy Levels 2 and 3)

All of our courses come with a 14-day guaranteed refund from the date of purchase.

Please send an email to

to claim your refund

Step up and Speak Up Today!

Speak Easy

Speaking Course

Bonus #1 - Extra Materials in Multiple Languages (English, Spanish, Italian and French)

Bonus #2 - Subtitles in Multiple Languages (English, German, Italian, French, Spanish, Portuguese and Russian)

Bonus #3 - In-depth Video Demonstrations

Bonus #4 - Extensive Resource Vault with 30+ Languages

Bonus #5 - Access to specific language communities on Circle

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