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“No one can teach you a language, you can only learn it by yourself”.

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What’s your language dream?


Does your brain want to explode from trying to comprehend native speak in your target language?


Are you afraid of speaking because of your accent, your lack of vocabulary or any other reason?


Have you grown bored of methods that have overpromised and under-delivered?


Frustrated and on the verge of giving up because you’re not making any progress!? 


Discover the mental approach needed to make language learning a lifelong love!


Use the most effective methods that suit your style of learning! 


Learn how to manage your time and fit language learning according to your schedule! 

Out with grammar books, vocabulary lists, “drill and kill” practice!

Get SMART with your language learning and you will:

Do Away With Vocabulary Drills & Grammar Exercises

You will discover how to memorize vocabulary and absorb grammar naturally, without ever having to do fill-in-the blanks exercises or torture yourself with conjugation tables.

Shift Your Mindset 

The fears, frustrations, and myths about language learning that have been on your mind for too many years will be gone for good and you will become a comfortable and confident learner.

Craft Your Individualized Plan to Fluency

You will know exactly know what to do every step of the way to get on track, stay there, and effectively learn your target language.

Build Habits That’ll Last a Lifetime

Through a unique habit-building strategy, you will become a disciplined learner and find time to prioritize your language learning, no matter how busy you are!

Hi! My name is Luca Lampariello

I’m the founder of the Smart Language Learning Academy

I currently know 15 languages, 10 of which I speak at a fluent level

I've developed and refined a series of language learning methods to help language learners reach fluency in a more efficient, adaptable and enjoyable manner!

Since 2008, I've helped hundreds of thousands of viewers on their paths to becoming fluent via my YouTube channel that has nearly 250K subscribers

I’ve also spent the last 12 years working independently as a language coach and building courses on how to learn foreign languages

In fact, I’ve made it my life’s mission to not only learn as many languages as I possibly can, but to also help people achieve their language learning goals. People like you!


This book is a treasure trove of ideas, beautifully written, and narrated with genuine passion by someone I've always regarded as a superhero in language learning. In this book, Luca reveals his human side, sharing his failures and successes, while also providing clear explanations of his 10 essential rules for effective language learning.

Antonio Libertino

I speak multiple languages and although my experience differs from Luca's, I arrived at similar conclusions, especially when it comes to the basic principles of language learning. I couldn't agree more with his approach to grammar and vocabulary! Luca has revolutionized my mindset regarding the early stages of learning - thank you!


In each of the ten chapters, Luca draws on personal experiences from his journey of foreign language learning. Here, he is not concerned with telling the reader exclusively his success story. He speaks to both success and setbacks, analyzing the mistakes he made along the way.

It shows that the learning process of any foreign language is hard work, even for people like Luca. It is a must-read for any language learner!

Sybille Backert

It has been an eye-opening book! I'm not someone who enjoys reading so the fact that it comes with an audiobook is perfect!
Now I know how to set proper goals, not only for language learning, but for any aspect of life! All thanks to the amazing tips Luca gives in this book. 100% recommended.

Mariam Garcia

I have paid for SO many courses and tutors to learn French! Three years later, while I've acquired a good base and consider myself intermediate, I've never been able to move past this phase, no matter how hard I study. Until I read Luca's book! I've been working hard, but not SMART, but that's about to change! I cannot wait to implement these SMART methods. A game changer!

Wendy Dutwin

I set out to read a few pages of this book and I devoured it in one sitting. It was so easy to read and so practical. I love the humor and personal stories Luca shares throughout the book. This is a book EVERY language learner should have. It’s not a book that you read just once, but one that you continuously go back to as a source of direction, motivation, and inspiration. I’ve been learning languages over the course of 10 years and this book helped bring me fresh perspective and new ideas to implement into my daily language learning times. Thanks so much Luca!

Camille Hanson

An expert in learning languages, Luca Lampariello's 10 Essential Rules for Smart Language Learning is the "go-to" for the most effective and efficient way to learn your target language. The secrets he shares in his book are first rate because I have used them and they work! After having learned German & Italian, I'm learning Spanish with his method and it is much, much easier.

Rose Szwed

I never expected a book about how to learn languages to be a page turner that would make me laugh out loud. In addition to being educational and entertaining, it made me think deeply about myself and my self-imposed barriers. Reading this book has given me renewed excitement and optimism about my ability to continue to improve my Greek and perhaps more importantly, a reminder to have fun and enjoy the journey. Thank you so much!


Mindset is so important in any endeavor one undertakes and Luca's book shows you how to come up with your own meaningful language learning mindset that will propel you forward along with showing you solid techniques to learn the language. Instead of gimmicks or tricks, he shows a way for each person to figure out their own best tools fueled by one's own desire, goals, and mindset.

Travvis Mahrer

Bonus #1: Audiobook

140 pages read in approximately 3 hours by yours truly, Luca Lampariello

Bonus #2: Interviews

10 exclusive video interviews covering nearly 3.5 hours of additional language learning advice

Bonus #3: Community

Join our wonderful community and learn from your peers! 

The SMART Content

The 10 Essential Rules to SMART Language Learning contains the 10 most important rules for learning any language. They’re based on Luca’s powerful trifecta of mindset, skill set and self-organization.

🤔 Rule 1: Start with Why

Establishing a powerful “why” is something most learners forget to do, and that’s why so many give up when the going gets tough. It can make or break one’s language learning experience!

🎯 Rule 2: Set Smart Learning Goals

Staying motivated in language learning is almost impossible when your goals are vague and unclear. Here, you’ll learn how to set clear and well-defined short-term goals to keep your mind focused on your target language.

📅 Rule 3: Create Strong Daily Habits

Goals are great, but they mean absolutely nothing without proper daily habits. You’ll find out how to build long-lasting daily habits that will make language learning feel as natural as breathing.

⚙️ Rule 4: Build your Learning Input Machine

Inexperienced learners fall victim to the paradox of choice and end up either choosing too many resources or none altogether. You’ll learn how to select the learning resources that best suit your needs, level, and learning style.

🏆 Rule 5: Let Your Principles Guide your Learning

To design the best strategy for learning a new language you need to follow 3 key principles that only the most experienced learners are aware of. With these principles in mind, you’ll find it easier to design your own learning routine to fit your busy schedule.

☝ Rule 6: Make Input Your top Priority

Find out why developing your input skills is of the utmost importance. On top of that, you’ll learn how to structure your input practice.

💡 Rule 7: Build Your Smart Grammar Machine

Traditional language teaching is completely ineffective. Here, you’ll discover the proper way to internalize grammar without boring drills and conjugation tables.

👂 Rule 8: Build your Listening Comprehension Machine

Uncover the benefits of a robust listening practice, and the huge downsides that come from not doing enough listening in the long-run. You’ll also learn how to integrate listening practice on the daily in a natural and fun manner.

🫶🏻 Rule 9: Don’t Memorize, Familiarize!

There are better ways to absorb vocabulary than lists and flashcards. Use your time and energy in a better way by familiarizing instead of memorizing!

💥 Rule 10: Embrace Change, Start a Revolution

Language learning is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be a chore. I will show you how to structure your daily learning routine so that you’ll look forward to doing it every single day.


❓ What sets your book apart from other books about language learning?

Rather than merely providing you with a set of techniques, this book emphasizes the importance of the feel and emotional connection one has to a language. As the author states, “You can buy an object, but you cannot buy a skill.”

❓ Will this book take me to fluency?

No, only hard work, dedication and the appropriate methods will take you to fluency. However, this book can guide you on your path to fluency. Showing you the mentality, strategies and organization needed in order to succeed.

❓ What level of language learner is this book for?

The methods and strategies discussed in this book are primarily for beginner and intermediate level learners, but even advanced language learners can discover something new to add to their language learning repertoire.

❓ What’s the best way to “read” this book?

You can always download the book and enjoy it as much as you’d like at your own pace. However, we do recommend reading and listening to it at the same time, as well as taking it like a course. By doing so, you’ll be applying the knowledge you’ve learned from the book directly to your language learning process. Win-win-win!

❓ Can I buy the book by itself, without the interviews and audiobook?

No, by buying the ebook you also get the audiobook and interviews automatically.

❓ What is the community and how does it work?

Learning a language is as much about consumption (input) as it is participation (output). Therefore, we encourage you to reflect on what you have read, discuss it in the comments with your peers and apply the most practical aspects to your learning today!

❓ Is there a version of the book in languages other than English?

As of right now, no. However, depending on the book’s success, if there’s enough demand for other languages, we will make it available in the most requested languages.

❓ I've tried other language learning methods before and didn't find success. How is your book different?

We understand that each learner is unique, and traditional language learning methods might not work for everyone. Our book presents a fresh and innovative approach to language learning that provides you with a set of tools to learn and apply multiple methods according to your language learning needs and goals.

❓ Is there a 30-day money-back guarantee if the book doesn't meet my expectations?

While we don't offer a 30-day money-back guarantee, we are confident that our book will provide immense value and help you make significant progress in your language learning journey. The book's content has been tried and tested by numerous learners with successful outcomes.

❓ Can I access the book and courses on any device?

Absolutely! Our book is available in digital format, and the courses can be accessed from any device with an internet connection. This allows you to study on your computer, tablet, or smartphone, giving you the flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere.

Become a Master Language Learner Now

10 chapters to REDEFINE your language learning journey


Bonus #1 - Audiobook narrated by Luca himself


Bonus #2 - Exclusive interviews with Luca to deepen your understanding of language learning


Bonus #3 - Community - share your journey with other learners



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