Payments, Refunds and Cancellations

What payment methods do you use?

Can I get a refund or partial refund if I didn't like my first lesson?

What if I decide I want to cancel in the middle of the five-lesson package?

What happens if I need to cancel a class?

What happens if Luca needs to cancel a class?


Is there a minimum required time between each lesson? Is there a maximum?

What software and/or hardware do I need in order to participate in a lesson?

I can't get Skype to work on my computer or mobile phone, could we use other chat programs for our sessions (WhatsApp, FaceTime, Google Meet, Facebook, etc.)?

Do I have to be visible on camera during the lesson? Does Luca use his camera?

After I book a class, how can I give Luca my Skype account for the session? Will I be sent a questionnaire before our first session?

May I receive recordings of my lessons with Luca?

How long will the Google Docs (and recordings) remain downloadable (or otherwise accessible) for?

Can I share the contents of our session (video, audio, learning materials) with others?

Will I be assigned homework to complete in between sessions?

Can I watch an example of a coaching session?

Will I be personally coached by Luca Lampariello himself? 

Are there other coaches available, besides Luca?

Will I receive a certificate of completion when the package is finished?

Can a friend or family member attend a session as well?


Which language(s) can Luca help me learn?

I want to learn a language that Luca doesn’t speak; can he still help me?

What language(s) will Luca speak during our session?

What if Luca and I don’t speak any of the same languages? Can he still help me?

Other Frequently Asked Questions

Does Luca do group coaching, or webinars?

Does Luca provide coaching or consulting for businesses?

Does Luca train others to become language coaches? How can I become a language coach, like him?

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