So, you want to learn a new language. 

It’s a dream shared by many. In fact, I've never met a person who didn't want to learn a foreign language at some point in their life.

Whether it be for work, for pleasure, for travel, love, or just the mere challenge of it, nearly everyone I've spoken to about language learning has expressed some desire to understand and speak a foreign language well.

And yet, even though they want to learn a new language well, very few actually make that happen, at least to a level they are satisfied with.

Why does that happen?

  • It can't be for lack of exposure to foreign people or cultures. Anyone with an Internet connection can turn on Skype and immediately chat with someone half a world away, completely for free.
  • It can't be for lack of resources, either. In the last twenty years, there has also been a huge increase in the number of language learning books, applications, online courses, and other materials, all available in many, many languages.
  • No. Despite the fact that we are currently living in what I believe is the Golden Age of Language Learning, there is one key ingredient that is missing.

It is the lack of this single ingredient that causes so much frustration among learners. In fact, if you are reading this article, you're probably here in search of this ingredient—the missing piece.

What is this missing piece? ---> Guidance

The Importance of Language Coaching vs. Language Teaching

I didn't fully understand the value of guidance in language learning until I had already been a language learner for over a decade.

I grew up taking English and French classes, just like most people I knew, but I found them to be too boring, and too inflexible for me. The teachers wanted me to learn from lectures, textbooks, and grammar drills.

I, on the other hand, wanted to learn from fascinating books and movies, and converse with actual native speakers.

So that's what I did. I taught myself.

Or, at least, I spent years developing a system to allow me to learn independently from the people, places, and resources I wanted to learn from.

I didn't think much of it, really. It was just how I liked to spend my time. I never thought that the systems, methods, and techniques I was developing could be of much use to anyone other than myself.

But then, about eight years ago, I was contacted online by a Hungarian man by the name of Donat.

Donat had seen some of the language videos I had been posting online. He was impressed with my language skills, and he wanted me to give him guidance on how to improve his own languages abilities to similar levels.

At the time, I was really surprised by his request. I was just a normal guy with an engineering degree who liked to learn languages as a hobby. I wasn't a teacher, nor had I intended to be.

Despite that, I began working with Donat anyway. Over weeks and months, I helped him hone his Italian skills to an impressive level.

Soon, more people contacted me asking for the same. They wanted me to help them learn a new language, using the methods I had developed.

After watching several students go from timid, on-again-off-again language hobbyists, to confident, proficient language speakers, I started to wonder:

Was I a language teacher?

  • No, I couldn't be, I thought. Teachers 'teach'—that is, they transmit their knowledge from their own minds to the minds of the students.
  • That's not what I did. I didn't transmit knowledge, but rather gave students the tools necessary to uncover that knowledge independently. I didn't give students their language skills, I just helped nurture them.
  • I was more like a coach, like the ones you'll find leading any sports team. Just as a football coach works tirelessly to help his players express their natural football-playing talents, I do the same for my students, just with foreign language skills instead.

It was at that time that I started to call myself something new ---> a language coach!

Language Coaching for a Brighter Future

Fast forward to today. I've been working as an online language coach for over eight years. I've helped hundreds of students reach—and exceed—their language goals. It has become my greatest passion.

And here's the funny part: I never even really told anyone that I offered language coaching!

All I did was help the people that came to me, asking for guidance.

I never announced my services, or advertised them. In fact, unless you personally emailed me asking for help, you probably would have no idea that I worked as a language coach at all.

But today, I want to change that. I want the world to know—I want you to know—that I, Luca Lampariello, am a language coach, and that I will work with you one-on-one so that you can achieve all of your language goals.

I've seen the difference that the right amount of guidance can make in the life of a language learner. I've seen how that guidance can help people accomplish things greater than they ever imagined for themselves.

So I've created (also known as Lampariello Language Coaching) to provide that guidance to you.

How Can Help You Learn a Language

With this website, you can:

  • 1
    Book one-on-one language coaching sessions with me.
  • 2
    Read the blog (formerly the Polyglot Dream) where I share my thoughts and strategies for language coaching and language learning.
  • 3
    Access all of my best audio and video content from across the Web.
  • 4
    And more!

And although this site has my name on it, my voice isn't the only voice you'll be hearing here. I'm happy to say that this site will also become a place where the best and brightest language learners and coaches can come together and share their thoughts on the great journey that is language learning.

Again, the key to all this is guidance. I want this website to be an inspiring place where any and every language learner can find the guidance they need to succeed, so that we, in turn, can guide each other towards a brighter future for language learners.

So, what do you say?

Are you in?

Written by Luca Lampariello

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  • Hello from the USA! I have been following your videos, and other polyglots, for a couple years. I find your story extremely motivating, and have appreciated all your videos, and passion for learning languages.
    I feel I have lacked in staying consistant, so unfortunately I’m not at a speaking level yet. Recently I’ve picked up my Asimil book again 🙂 and been focusing on a lot of listening using YouTube instruction videos. That said, I would be honored if I had some lessons from you! Its actually my dream to move to Spain, hopefully in the next 5 years. Im 41 now, so atill time to enjoy it. This ia also a motivation if mine to learm Spanish, and other languages after. As sion aa mu budget allows, I plan on getting one of the packages. So please keep ky email and on your list. Oh, and I’m 1/4 Italian, so maybe that will be my next one once I conquer Spanish!

  • Ciao, Luca!

    I’m thrilled to see that you’re coaching again! Thank you so much for helping me with Italian and French. I am now studying Spanish at the university, but I could use a boost in the speaking/listening area, so I’ll probably get the 5-lesson package.

    Sidenote: a few months ago I ran into an Italian couple and they were amazed to meet an American who could speak Italian so well (their assessment, not mine). That was fun!

  • First, I would like to congratulate you for this amazing project of yours. You are such an inspirational person!

    Since I found out about you, I have been following you through social media, mostly Youtube. Your excitement for language learning is transparent, and I am one that shares it too! I discovered by reading your story here on your new website that you are graduated in engineering and it encouraged me even more to pursue my language dream too, since I am a recently graduated chemical engineer as well. I rather enjoy studying engineering and all, but my passion is for languages. You may relate to it too.

    I am starting a new project as a personal language teacher/coach in my city here in Brazil. Currently, I am able to speak to fluency French and English apart from Brazilian Portuguese, so those are the ones I am offering to people. I am already learning German for quite some time and recently started Japanese. What you taught me well is resumed in your incredible quote “Languages cannot be taught. They can only be learned.” – I fully agree with you, and what I do with my students is based on that.

    Thank you for all the content you have been providing us for free on your Youtube channel, as well as elsewhere. I hope to someday be able to use one of your coaching services for the amazing tutoring that I would get and also to support you to keep doing what you do.

    I wish you all the success. Keep up the superb work.

  • I must say Thank you Luca, I’ve done your Master Class, so I could evaluate incredibly fast in English, French and now Mandarin Chinese.
    Thank You again.

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