“The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around” - Thomas A. Edison

There are more neurons in our brain than there are stars in the Milky Way. No wonder we can learn any language, play any instrument, or acquire any other skill we put our mind to.

It was getting dark in Edinburgh, Scotland.

Leaning on the glass balustrade of the Dynamic Earth building and looking at the sky slowly filling with stars, my head was swirling with thoughts about the brain, languages, the universe, and ultimately, about the beauty of being alive.

I felt as grateful for being there as I was sad, because the last day of the Second Neurolanguage Conference was coming to an end."

An amazing day had gone by, with invaluable speeches about language, the brain, and coaching.  

I want to do this again next year”, I thought to myself.

And so I did.

In fact, I did one better. For this year’s conference, I’m not just attending it, but I’m helping to organize it, as well.

As a result, I’m proud to say that this year’s neurolanguage conference is soon on its way, and it promises to be more exciting than ever before.

On My Way to Lisbon

I remember it as if it were yesterday. The moment I gave my own speech about how we can change language education around the world.

More than what I said, I remember how I felt.

More than the sounds coming out of my mouth, I remember the vibes I gave off and received from the audience.

Education—in particular, language education—is something I take to heart.

The participants liked my speech so much that Rachel Paling, the conference organizer, not only invited me to the third Neurolanguage Conference, she made me a co-host of the conference itself.

Allow me to explain what this is all about:

A Chance You Don’t Want to Miss

I am more and more convinced that the best investment that you can make in the 21st century is to acquire new knowledge and skills.

Among all possible cognitive investments you can make, learning about your brain and how it works will improve your life in ways you cannot even start to fathom.

Improving your relationship with your parents, friends and colleagues?

Being more efficient at work, staving off inner and outer distractions, focusing much more deeply, and getting things done in record time?

Reading faster and better?

Learning languages like a pro?  

Working out or running more efficiently and more smoothly?

You can do all that.

In fact, everybody can.

And the more you know your brain, the easier doing all this becomes.

It all comes down to the brain and how it functions.

Know your brain.

Know yourself.

And know your world.

This conference is about the brain, the art of coaching, language learning ..and more.

See it for yourself:

My Own Contribution and Experience

This time, I will give not one, but two speeches!

The first one is about the 10 Golden Rules to Learn Any Language.

I am convinced that if you know the principles that govern language learning, you have done 80% of the job, and the remaining 20% is figuring out how to adapt these principles to your own life.

I will be bringing my experience as a language learner and a language coach to show students and teachers how to:

  • Start on the right foot, and make sure you never give up
  • Make sure you will learn every day
  • Learn how to use resources well through the “one resource rule”
  • Find the best learning method that works for you
  • How to get the best setup for deliberate speaking practice
  • Communicate effectively with whatever you have

The second speech is How to Learn the Phonetics of Every Language.

You will learn how to:

  • Break The “Psychological Filter” to speak like a native
  • Learn how to identify the key phonetic components of any language
  • How to leverage your own interests in order to absorb phonetic structures
  • Learn the right phonetic patterns from the very beginning
  • Adopt a top-down approach, tackling intonation before pronunciation
  • How to develop awareness of your own sound production

Come and see for yourself!

If you'd like to attend, and learn from some incredibly-skilled language experts, here is the Neurolanguage learning conference website to get more information. As a special bonus, use promo code ---> LUCACONF2019 to receive a substantial pre-order discount on any "Early Bird - Conference" Tickets.

I will be waiting for you in beautiful Lisbon!

Written by Luca Lampariello

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  • Hello my brother how are you i am faisal from morocco my dreama i learn languages can you help me Please

  • Hi Luca,
    I’m just watching some of your videos on YouTube, and your name came up at the Language Influencer Summit in Berlin this past weekend, so I thought I’d come check out your blog too! Great stuff, and I’m definitely in admiration of the number of languages you speak!
    Anyway, just to say that I’ll be at the conference in Lisbonne and am looking forward to meeting you! See you then!

    • Hi Christina! =) First of all, thanks a bunch for the nice words. I head of the Language Influencer Summit (a few friends were there, among whom the fabulous Gabriel Gelmann aka but could not attend, unfortunately.

      Glad that you are coming to the conference in Lisbon! Did you use the Code provided in the article by any chance?

      Looking forward to seeing you there =)


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