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How to Learn Grammar Like a Pro Even If You Hate It

After all, that’s just a dream, isn’t it? Forget speaking with perfect pitch and pronunciation, moving from topic to topic, knowing the meaning of every single word, and crafting elaborate sentences one after another. Sure, it would be great, but for the most part, we language learners are simpler souls with simpler dreams. We want to speak a […]

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How to Learn Languages with Cases

When language learners discuss what makes a language more difficult than another, certain concepts always come to the forefront. Some languages, like Vietnamese, Thai, and most Chinese languages, have a tone system, adding a new layer of difficulty to speaking a language correctly. Other languages, like Japanese, Mandarin Chinese, and Cantonese, have a character-based writing […]

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Studying vs learning

There is a fundamental difference between studying and learning  in the field of language learning. Being able to speak a language is a skill. A skill is something that is achieved over time through trial and error. Do you remember the first time that you magically started to find the balance on the saddle of […]

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How should we learn grammar?

Do we even need to formally learn it? There are many opinions within the language learning community on the part of teachers and learners regarding grammar. Some people believe that a grammar-based approach is key to efficiently learning a language. They claim that a thorough grammar study is necessary for understanding the structure of the […]

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