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How to Write in Japanese – 5 Simple Tips

There are many languages throughout the world with writing systems that are considered very difficult to master. These scripts are so complex that most people are discouraged from learning them even before they start. Perhaps the most difficult language in this regard is Japanese. To a complete beginner, the Japanese script looks a lot like […]

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Intensive vs. Extensive Reading

Reading, despite being one of the four major skills of language learning, is one of the skills that is most often neglected by language learners. Aside from reading the words and phrases that are presented in textbooks, phrasebooks and grammar guides, most learners do not bother to regularly engage in reading native texts in any meaningful […]

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How to read in a foreign language

Reading has been extremely important on my journey with languages. It’s no coincidence the languages I speak the best are also the languages in which I’ve read the most. I see language learning as a holistic process, meaning a combination of factors have to come together for success, so I want to highlight that reading […]

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Forget it: the secret of remembering words

Words are without a doubt the basic elements, the “bricks” of a language. Learning new words represents a serious challenge for many language learners. Acquiring lots of words fast is a dream for every language learner. For some, it is a real obsession. Quite often, these efforts are met with disappointment and frustration. It is […]

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