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Are You Making These Pronunciation Mistakes in Italian?

 Gnocchi. Bruschetta. Ghepardo. Cena. Gerundio. Figlio. Psicologo. Bruschetta. These eight words reveal an uncomfortable truth about the Italian language: though Italian is often pronounced exactly as it is written, that isn’t always the case.  There are a few exceptions that, if you’re not careful, can trip you up and make your speech sound unnatural—or worse, unintelligible! Fortunately, the mistakes caused by these rogue sounds and […]

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How to Sound Like a Native Speaker (Krashen’s Filter)

Here’s the truth: anyone can learn a foreign language, even to native-like fluency. As a language coach who has spent many years around all varieties of language learners, I know many people who can speak at highly advanced levels. It’s relatively common, even. What’s uncommon, however, is to find learners who are so good that they sound […]

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The secret to developing an awesome accent

Olly runs I Will Teach You A Language, a website that gives you practical tips and strategies for learning foreign languages. Olly speaks 7 foreign languages and publishes regular articles and videos on language learning from different locations around the world. Connect with him on Twitter,Facebookand Google Plus. “I cook with wine, sometimes I even add it […]

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Choosing an accent

According to current estimates, there are approximately 6,000 languages in existence throughout the world.  Some of them enjoy a unique status, those we define as “dominant languages” because they are used as an instrument of daily communication by a substantial number of people.  Among these languages some are used on many continents.  As a language […]

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My American Accent

Since I started making videos on YouTube, one of the most common questions has been: how did you learn to speak American English that way? Some people suggested that I must have an American mother or that I simply lived in theUSwhen I was a little kid. Flattered by these suggestions, I decided to share […]

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Tips on how to learn – Chinese tones

Did it ever occur to you to see a person on YouTube or face-to-face who speaks Chinese surprisingly well? The first reaction you will probably feel is one of admiration and surprise. Admiration then gives way to doubt: how did they reach such an incredible level in the language? Until a few years ago, Mandarin […]

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